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TESUS is your professional energy & water saving solutions consultant and supplier of high-performance energy-efficient products for commercial, industrial, and multi-complex residential clients globally.


We have been working in the energy-saving solutions industry since 2004 and the years of close partnership with manufacturers of quality energy efficient products not only allows us to stay up-to-date with the latest advancement of energy saving technology available on the market with the highest performance but deliver the products that meet and exceed energy efficiency standards, all to improve our customers’ bottom line.

TECHNOLOGY - Energy Efficiency

"The most important energy end-use across the stock of commercial buildings is lighting, accounting for fully one-quarter of total primary energy use." 


- Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, pg. 22:  (a publication by US Department of Energy)

Today, high performance doesn't necessarily come at the expense of efficiency.  Top manufacturers are constantly coming up with the new products that can provide higher performance than the previous generation while requiring even less energy to operate than its predecessor.


For example, a traditional Incandescent light bulb generally produces about 16 lumens of brightness per 1 watt of power.  Then came Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) bulb which gives off 70 lumens per 1 watt, but an LED bulb can produce a whopping 110 lumens of brightness per 1 watt of power.


When it comes to linear lightings, such as 4ft lamps on the ceilings of many office & retailer spaces, the manufacturers were able to come up with an LED lamp that produces 60 lumens per watt back in the year 2006. Each year the manufacturers were able to top the previous year's performance and today, each lamp can produce up to 180 lumens of brightness per watt of electricity. 

(1,800 Lumens @ 10W = 180 lm/w)


Our customers get to enjoy brighter lighting while using less energy, not to mention that there are options of choosing different form factors of fixtures & color temperatures, suitable for different types of business environment.  This is what we strive to pass on to our customers along with the lowest cost for an upgrade and the shortest time of ROI.


Click here for "Older Technology (legacy) vs. LED" chart.

TECHNOLOGY - Water Conservation

In the industry of water conservation, flushing water down the toilets & urinal was recognized as one of the biggest ways the precious resource was being wasted.  Companies rushed to develop products that merely flushed less water than before.  However, when these first wave of "efficient" toilets came out using less water to flush, there was much discontentment among the customers about the lack of flushing power.  More often than not, the solid matter had to be flushed twice in order to be completely cleared, which wasn't much of conservation afterall.  Many resorted not to switch over.

Over time, companies came to a realization that in order to provide a greater flushing force while compensating for less water, more air pressure had to be incorporated.

An Ultra High-Efficiency Toilet comes with the latest technology that provides efficient filling & flushing with plenty of pressure strength to spare to provide satisfaction to the customers both in the bathroom and their bottom line as water consumers. 

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